Welcome back to another episode of the Franchise My Business podcast, hosted by Kevin Oldham. Today we’re diving into a topic near and dear to our hearts: GRATITUDE

Thanksgiving has just passed, and here in the United States, we’ve celebrated all the things that truly matter to us. Now, let’s take a moment to reflect on the true meaning of gratitude. It’s about being thankful for the things we have, appreciating what’s already in our lives, and not getting caught up in what we lack. Pretty powerful stuff, right?

Join Kevin as he explores the power of being thankful for what we have and how it can positively impact our lives, especially as business leaders. He’ll discuss the concept of “The Gap and The Gain”, and how it relates to our mindset. Through personal anecdotes and practical exercises, we’ll learn how to shift our perspective and cultivate gratitude in our lives. 

Let’s dive in!


The Power of Gratitude: Shifting Your Perspective – Kevin Oldham

Gratitude. What’s it mean? It means to be thankful for all the things that you have, to be appreciative for the things you have, not the things that you do not have. Okay? And this is gonna go in the whole “The Gap and The Gain” talk. So if you heard me talk about Dan Sullivan’s book,The Gap and The Gain, You’ll know where we’re headed, which is, the gap is what you don’t have, the gain is what you have, and how you show up in the world is one of two ways. You can either be appreciative and look at all the progress you’ve made compared to where you’ve been, or you can look ahead and be like “Wow, I don’t have to fill in the blank that so and so has”, and you’re living in the gap if you do that. Meaning, you don’t have gratitude.

Nurturing the Attitude of Gratitude: Why It Matters More Than You Think – Kevin Oldham

You’ve done so much more in a 5 year period than you could have ever imagined. There’s gonna be no way that you’re not gonna be appreciative, and you should be able to show gratitude towards yourself as to all the awesome things that you’ve done. And then once you’re able to do that, once you’re able to experience gratitude yourself, It just trickles down to all areas of your life. You start appreciating the people around you more. It’s appreciating the people you live with. You start appreciating the fact that you woke up.”

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