Welcome back to another episode of the Franchise My Business podcast, hosted by Kevin Oldham. Today we’re going to dive into the concept of metaphorical mountains and how they can be applied to business and personal goals. 

Have you ever had to adjust your goals or plans due to unexpected setbacks or circumstances? How did you handle it?

In this episode, we’ll be discussing Kevin’s journey of recovering from knee surgery and how it relates to the process of setting and achieving audacious goals. We’ll explore the importance of breaking down big goals into smaller, achievable milestones, celebrating progress along the way, and finding gratitude in the journey. 

Join us as we navigate the path to success. Let’s dive in!


How Achievable Milestones Keep You Focused on Your Goals – Kevin Oldham

“When a visionary sets big goals or an organization sets big goals, that’s super important. It’s aspirational, but then we’ve got to break it down into achievable little bite-sized things so that inch by inch, we’re getting closer to our goal, but we’re also not giving up on our goal because we are making progress. And furthermore, we’re celebrating those little milestones that we achieve. So hopefully that helps you. I know that those types of things definitely help me. They help me particularly when I look back and I’m like, hey. We haven’t done enough in our business or whatever. And I’m like, hold on. If we look back on another book, if we look at the gap in the gain and we measure our success based on where we’ve come in our journey versus where we’re headed, it can provide a lot of appreciation and gratitude and help fuel your tank. Because at the end of the day, that’s all we have is the energy to allocate to these projects. And the fuel for that is upstairs in your head.”

The Power of Incremental Progress – Kevin Oldham

“When we’re thinking about it, let’s just say this is Q4, and we’re thinking about establishing goals for 2024. Let’s use that as an example. Maybe your Everest is to get to 50 units or a 100 units or whatever however many locations. That’s your Everest. It’s a stretch goal, something like that. If you’re smart, you’ll digest that down to, like, more achievable bite sized goals that you can actually accomplish. Maybe it’s a monthly goal. Maybe it’s a weekly goal. Maybe it’s just, Hey, moving the needle x amount to hit this milestone is fun, and that milestone is worth celebrating. And then next thing you know, after doing the work, rinse, repeat, showing up, doing the work, doing more of the work, redoing the work. Next thing, you’ve climbed your mountain.”

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