Welcome back to another episode of the Franchise My Business podcast, hosted by Kevin Oldham. In today’s episode, we have an exciting guest joining us, Gabriel Suarez, the founder and CEO of Natural Life Franchise Company.

Gabriel’s journey as an entrepreneur began with a deep personal motivation. Inspired by his younger brother who had juvenile arthritis, Gabriel began on a mission to find natural ways to help alleviate his brother’s pain. This led him to explore the world of natural botanicals and herbal remedies. Realizing the lack of accessible options for these natural solutions, he decided to create Natural Life, an outlet for people to discover and access these resources.

But Gabriel’s story doesn’t stop there. In his free time, he indulges in some truly daring hobbies. He is not only a certified pilot, but also a wingsuit pilot with over a thousand parachute jumps under his belt. Yes, you heard that right! Gabriel jumps out of perfectly good planes and glides through the air like a real-life superhero. We’ll get to hear about his experiences and how he manages to balance these exciting pursuits with the demands of running a business and being a father of three.

Tune in! 


Breaking Barriers to Natural and Western Medicine Options – Gabriel Suarez

“I realized that there’s so much good out there that’s all natural and grows out of the earth essentially and does great things, and nobody either knows about it or has access to it. And it’s almost a shame that we only have one option, which I’m not against as a synthetic solution when that’s the right solution, a prescription drug, even sometimes some other Western medicine style type of treatment. But the fact that we don’t have the option to choose a natural option or essentially Western medicine type of option, that I thought wasn’t right. And as I’m helping my brother, I said, realize everybody needs access to this stuff. And there can be an idea of this, to create a natural pharmacy. We’ll call it a wellness store. We’ll stock it with all kinds of natural solutions” 

Entrepreneurship, Parenthood, and Hobbies Kevin Oldham

“I found that one of the superpowers for a well balanced life is to have some things that you’re doing for yourself as an entrepreneur, particularly when you have a young family, particularly when you’re running a business. All of these things are super super important, and If you don’t take care of yourself, then you can’t bring the best to everybody else. And so it’s a balance, man, and it’s tough, but hobbies are cool.”

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