Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Franchise My Business podcast, hosted by Kevin Oldham! Today we have a special treat for you. We are joined by a dynamic power couple who not only share a deep personal bond but have also ventured into the world of business together. Get ready to be inspired as we dive into the story of Wize Computing Academy and discover how they are revolutionizing children’s education.

Our guests, Vishal Bhasin, and Venus Bhasin, take us on their incredible journey as they discuss their passion for empowering young minds. Wize Computing Academy is a platform that connects eager students with talented teachers, offering a wide range of skills from coding to robotics and design.

Make sure to stick around until the end as we get a sneak peek into Wize Computing Academy’s thrilling showcase, where young entrepreneurs present their innovative ideas in a shark tank-like setting.

Let’s dive in!


Showcasing Young Talent – Vishal Bhasin

“You know this. I’m sure listeners, who are parents and even if they’re not parents, have nieces and nephews. Kids have a ton of ideas, and it really allows them to bring them to 4. And at the end of this Program we run this as a summer camp as well. The end of this program, the last year of the summer camp is really the showcase where They’re allowed to showcase whether it’s a product, a service, how they plan to implement it, how they plan to market it, what the cost of it would be, and parents can come in and talk to them and do a shark tank like an environment. And that is really cool because it allows them to just be themselves and present all their ideas in front of not just us, but also their parents and other folks within the school.”

Fostering Passion in young minds: The Impact of Early Coding and Robotics Exposure – Venus Bhasin

“We have a platform. I would say we have the coolest platform. As we walk into the classroom, kids love to see us just because we’re teaching the cool thing. We’re teaching them technology. We’re teaching them on the platforms they like to play on. So Holding that responsibility that we are actually creating their interest and also building their passion when it comes to STEM education. It’s a responsibility we hold on our shoulders and so do our instructors because we work with high schoolers who do internships as well. Some of them have exposure to coding early on. Some of them don’t, and you can truly see a difference between a person or a child who has done coding or robotics back in their elementary and middle versus a high schooler who’s absolutely fresh. So their skill set is not at that level, and it’s not their fault. It’s just that they never had a chance or they never had an opportunity of exposure.”

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