Welcome back to another inspiring episode of the Franchise My Business podcast, hosted by Kevin Oldham. Today we are diving into the thrilling world of facing our fears head-on. In this episode, Kevin will share a personal journey that took him from the comfort zone of everyday life to the heart-pounding adrenaline rush of race car driving.

Picture this: amidst a global pandemic, a group of car enthusiasts, who happen to be Kevin’s close friends and neighbors, approached him with an audacious idea. They invited him to participate in a race series called the 24 Hours of Lemons – an endurance race where everyday drivers test their skills on the track with $500 junk cars. Now, he has always loved cars and dabbled in minor customizations, but he had never ventured into the realm of competitive racing.

Without much thought, Kevin jumped at the opportunity, fully aware that it was a wild and fear-inducing decision. Throughout this adventure, he discovered the transformative power of stepping out of our comfort zones and tackling the unknown. It taught Kevin valuable lessons about RESILIENCE, the power of MENTORSHIP, and the thrill of achieving the unimaginable.

So, join him on this adrenaline-fueled journey as he explores the importance of doing things that scare us, understand the tremendous impact it can have on our lives, and discover the inner strength and confidence that arises from pushing past our limits.


Uncomfortable Triumphs: The Transformative Power of Pushing Boundaries and Chasing Improvement – Kevin Oldham 

Race day number 1, my lap times were above 4 minutes. By the time we got done, I’d taken, like, 20 seconds off my lap time because I started to gain confidence. I’m like, oh, I’m feeling how the race car works. I’m feeling how other people are on the track. I’m running my own race. Much like when I used to do triathlons or marathons or anything that’s, hey, I’m just gonna go do me. I’m gonna go number 1 goal is to finish safely. And then number 2 is to improve upon what I did yesterday or 20 minutes ago.This whole concept of doing things that scare you, don’t do anything foolish. I just believe in living a cool fun life that’s full of rewarding experiences. But the ability to go out and strapped  into a race car and then make your teammates proud, contribute, do all these amazing things, gives you this rear view mirror of accomplishment like, that then bleeds over into every other aspect of your life. It was doing something that was very uncomfortable. And when we’re uncomfortable, it’s typically when we grow the most.

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