In this episode of the Franchise My Business podcast, we are joined by Mayumi Young, Founder and CEO of CPA Moms. Today, we talk about buying back your time through franchising and the importance of purpose in business.

Mayumi shares her experience in building the CPA Moms franchise systems and talks about franchising also from the franchisee’s perspective. She highlights time, money, and energy as essential resources and recognizing the challenges of working in the professional environment, especially for women.


Collaboration between franchise owners – Mayumi: “They have the ability to serve clients anywhere in the world. There is no competition, it’s only collaboration, franchise owners are constantly sending leads and clients across to each other. Everyone sort of has each other’s back and we say that you’re independent, but not alone. You know, the reality is, if you go alone you can go fast but if you go together, you’ll go far.”

In entrepreneurship, you always have challenges – Mayumi: “They say it all the time if you don’t have a big enough why, it’s not going to get you over the obstacles that are absolutely on the path. Everyone has them but I think the bigger the game that you play, the bigger the obstacles that you have to overcome. And I completely agree that being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging ways of growing as a human. Being a parent is probably only the one that’s more challenging than being an entrepreneur, but they’re pretty close because your businesses do become your babies in a way.”

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