In today’s Franchise My Business podcast episode, we’re diving into the world of senior care with a touching personal tale.

Our host, Kevin Oldham, chats with David Giacobo, CEO and founder of One You Love Home Care, as he shares the heart-wrenching events that led to starting his senior care venture. From facing personal hardships to overcoming industry challenges, David reveals his journey and the unique approaches that make his company stand out.

Tune in as we explore the inspiring story of turning personal loss into business success and envisioning the future of senior care.


The One You Love Mobile Initiatives – David Giacobo

“We also developed what’s known as 1 you love mobile. And this is something that really came about because when we were taking care of my father-in-law, with his diagnosis that he had, he kinda became my best friend during those 2 years because wherever I went, he came with me. He would come in the car with me. We would be in the car going for rides, and he’d just be kinda staring out in the sky, dazing, and really wasn’t communicating. What I had in my car, seriously Sinatra. My father liked big band music. Frank Sinatra, Henry Warren, Sammy Davis junior. He would like to listen to it. So I used to put this on in my car, and I watched his whole demeanor change. He started talking with me. He started reminiscing about going to dates with my mother-in-law and things like that. That’s what we did with this whole one you love global. We have the music therapy side of it, but we also have these games that we developed on our own with the research between the organ, Alzheimer’s organization and dementia organizations.”


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