Welcome to the final episode of the Franchise My Business podcast for the year. Can you believe it’s time for the final episode of the season? In this special episode, our host, Kevin Oldham, wraps up the year with a heartfelt reflection on the amazing moments and hurdles faced along the way.

From the excitement of landing top-notch guests to the challenges of finding the right balance, Kevin shares his personal insights and the valuable lessons gained throughout the season. Join us as we explore the behind-the-scenes journey of Franchise My Business and look ahead to what the future may hold.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the journey and all the memorable moments that made 2024 so special for Franchise My Business and as Kevin expressed gratitude to the listeners for their unwavering support throughout the season.


Year-End Reflection: Successes and Opportunities for Improvement – Kevin Oldham

“So this is the end of the year wrap up, and this is where I’m going to give a very quick reflection on some of the cool things that we’ve done, some of the things that I learned throughout this process, and the things I think we can do better as we move forward. So The thing that we learned, number 1, is that if you provide a platform and the messaging is correct, You can attract high caliber guests. And that’s really what we discovered with this show. I think the simplicity of the name franchises my business. People knew what it was. And we were fearless with our invites, and we got almost every single guest that we wanted, particularly in the month of January. And here was the scary thing. In January, we sent out 200 invitations. I was like, hey. I just have to have 52 yeses this year. So we sent 200 invitations, and we got a ton of yeses in that 1st month.”

Thriving in 2024: Real Stories, Tools, and Service for Your Life as an Entrepreneur – Kevin Oldham

“Thank you for being a phenomenal supporter. If it’s not the end, then I hope that you continue to stick around next year, 2024. 2024 is going to be with a lot of noise. It’s an election year here in the United States. We have just so many things that You’re gonna have to find sources of truth for your information. And I think that’s what we’ve done here is we’ve provided a source of truth for your information. We’ve provided real world stories from amazing franchisors who are emerging. We have at least we’ve done the best that we can with our Solo content to share with you insights, and tools, and mental models, and all sorts of things that I personally use to navigate life as a franchisor, as a Entrepreneur as a human being, and I just hope that we’re of service to you.”

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