Welcome back to another episode of the Franchise My Business podcast, hosted by Kevin Oldham.

Got a question for you…

Reflecting on the past year, what methods do you use to assess your performance as an entrepreneur or as a business owner? And In what ways can you leverage the experiences that gave you energy and light this past year to proactively enhance your business in the upcoming year?

Well, In this episode, our host, Kevin Oldham reflects on the past year and offers a gift to the listeners: permission to deeply explore their franchise businesses in the upcoming year. He encourages taking inventory of what has worked well, what hasn’t, and how to improve. He stresses the importance of reflecting on one’s experiences, identifying what brings energy and what doesn’t, and making commitments to focus on the most important aspects of business. As he signs off, he expresses gratitude to the listeners and looks forward to the podcast’s future. 

Tune in for a thoughtful and introspective close to the year and gain insight for the upcoming one.


Reflect and Refine: Embracing Opportunities for Growth and Change – Kevin Oldham

“Take this week, this is the gift, the permission to take this week to review your calendar and look at everything that you did that sucked. The things that you did that you’re like, man, that wasn’t fun or that’s not something that wasn’t a hell yes. Look at the things that you did that were like hell yeses. Those are probably gonna be like your vacations, your family experiences, all these things, whatever it is. And then there’s gonna be a lot of other stuff. And just look at it. Look at the stuff that was terrible. Look at the things that were like, whoo, that gave me a lot of light and energy. And then look at the mundane, the things in between, and use this week. If there’s something that was really traumatic or didn’t work out well for you, Use this week to make a commitment to yourself. Give yourself the gift to say, you know what? That’s not gonna be something I’m gonna do next year. Could be a bad Business decision could be a meeting with somebody who drains your energy. It could be you went to an event and it didn’t meet your expectations. Whatever it is, just be like, you know what? I’m not gonna do that again next year. I’m not gonna do that again.”

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