Welcome back to the Franchise My Business Podcast, hosted by Kevin Oldham. Get ready for an exciting and heart-to-heart conversation in today’s episode. We’re diving into a fruitful discussion with Jose Bolaños about the profound impact of how we treat the animals and the VUCA approach to life. 

But what are the key components of the VUCA Fit method, and how do they contribute to building mental resilience and emotional intelligence?

Together, let’s explore the concept of VUCA Fit (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) in everyday life, discussing its application, the acceptance of emotions, and the necessity of a positive mindset. Tune in as Kevin and Jose share their new business venture, aimed at empowering individuals with tools to navigate life’s complexities while having more fun and profitable businesses.

Let’s dive in! 


 Understanding Emotional Responses – Jose Bolaños

“I’m working with a client recently who tends to, from their perspective, overreact in certain circumstances, and use words like I disproportionately overreact to the circumstances. And this happens to me, and it’s completely irrational. And they’re using this language. It’s, to me, it’s brutal language. It’s no. You’re just reacting. It’s completely rational. It’s completely human, but the whole language around it generates suffering. And so I heard their perspective, and I heard what they were saying. And then I was like, give me let me show you a video, and I brought up certain sense making tools. I call them sense making tools. I’m like, I want you to watch this video with what you just said about this and that. Watch this video, and then we’ll talk about it. So she watched the video and she said, oh, that’s it. That’s so it’s called above the line, below the line. She’s, I’m going below the line. You just gotta find ways to come above the line.” 

Building a Movement Committed to Self-Work and a Greater Purpose – Kevin Oldham

“We could create a movement of people who are unbreakable, people who are committed to something greater than themselves, and furthermore, people who are willing to do the self work necessary to honor their commitment, to honor why the heck they are on this big rock. And We had to use in your tutu the acronym Vuca, v u c a. And I had been mentally in over my head since I’ve been working with you. I’m like, you had been working to get me to be a Vuca capable person, and I didn’t like the word capable. I felt like I sucked. And I was like, no, man. I’m trying to get fit. Like, capable is just, hey. I’m capable of walking across the road. No. I wanna be fit. I wanna go across the road in the best way that I possibly can. And so we came up with a brand called.”

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