Welcome to another episode of the Franchise My Business podcast, hosted by Kevin Oldham. Today, we have the privilege of interviewing the CEO and Founder of SDSims firm, Steve Sims! He is also a coach and a speaker. 

Tune in as he shares his insights on creating unforgettable experiences and tells us about their best-selling book, “Go For Stupid” which encourages readers to set higher goals and take bold action. We’ll also learn about his inspiring journey in the business world, including their involvement with Defy Ventures, where they challenge themselves by interacting with confined individuals.

Join us as we uncover the secrets of success and explore the power of personal branding, the importance of curiosity, and the transformative nature of pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. Immerse yourself in the world of Steve’s incredible work, as he builds things that truly matter and create safe spaces for entrepreneurs. 

Buckle up!


Brand Clarity and Directing Solutions for Success – Steve Sims

First of all, whenever we speak with people it is to remove the confusion from your brand and to expose the clarity. Now I don’t care if you’re good looking. I don’t care if you’re beautiful, if you’re a supermodel. I care that you are the solution to somebody else’s problem. And if I can expose that we are the solution to your problem, and this is why in just 2 points, then everything else is just regardless, it’s just fluff. No one cares

The Power Of Stillness: Finding Strength in Challenging Times – Steve Sims

“I wrote the book during COVID because I got pissed off. There’s so many people there, oh, what do I binge watch on Netflix? This was a phenomenal time for us to get sharper. This was a brilliant time for us to stand still and go, okay. Am I where I wanted to be 5 years ago and where am I headed? We could literally change our path during COVID and so many people wasted it. And so at that time, we came up with the Gotcha Society and the canceled culture, where we actually became terrified to say the wrong thing Or terrified to try something in case we were laughed at. Now, Larry Page, Elon Musk, Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Joe Obama, any of these people, they’re not fine to be laughed at. So I started writing articles and blogs, and someone said you should turn into a book, and I did. And I released it in October. It became a bestseller in 2 hours”

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